What Radical can do for you

e-commerce & multi-channel retailing:

Radical is in the business of helping you do business on-line.

Just having a website, even if you already have e-commerce, is the tip of the iceberg.

If you really want to make money with a multi-channel retailing strategy, you need to do more:

  • Your site needs to be first rate from a design, merchandising, and usability perspective
  • Your infrastructure and systems need to be up to the task
  • Your business processes need to be bullet-proof
  • You need to hire, train, and retain the right people
  • You need to know how to measure your performance and use those measurements to constantly improve

Radical can help lead you through the complex process so you do it right the first time and see dramatic results sooner than later.

Radical will work with you to develop a comprehensive e-commerce strategy to make the most out of the operations and site you have today, or to develop a completely new operation from the ground up.

Some of what we can provide:

  • Website design and development guidance*
  • Merchandising strategy
  • Business process design and improvement
  • Key measurement criteria and usage
  • Recruiting, staffing, and personnel management plans
  • Organic and paid search placement (SEO)
  • e-mail and other online marketing, advertising, and promotion

*Radical is not in the business of the actual technical development of the website. There are plenty of capable developers and platforms out there. Radical’s value here is to guide you through the design, development, and implementation with the goal of making sure you get the best design possible for your e-commerce and marketing needs.

This is a radical departure from what most “e-commerce” companies are offering. Think about it like this… When’s the last time the architect or builder of your dealership came in to tell you how to run your sales, service, or parts department?

Why would you expect a web developer to understand how to run an e-commerce operation in the powersports industry? That’s a Radical idea.


What’s the brand image of your dealership? Do you stand out? Do you make a statement? Does that statement communicate a message (remember, you’re competing in a global marketplace now) that will make people want buy from you? Or do you blend in with the other tens of thousands of powersports dealerships?

Let Radical help you develop and communicate a brand and an identity that will achieve results.


The advertising channels your dealership has relied on up to now are no longer as effective as they once were.
Today’s (and to an even larger extent tomorrow’s) customer doesn’t use the yellow pages, doesn’t read a newspaper, doesn’t listen to the radio, and uses a DVR to skip the commercials on TV.
So where and how do you advertise? Use Radical to create innovative marketing and advertising programs that leverage the web and the power of social networking to reach your future customers (no matter where on the planet they happen to be!)

Supply chain:

The powersports industry’s supply chain practices are predominately inefficient and archaic. Some of the more modern and efficient OEM’s are recognizing this and forgoing the outdated distribution systems that were created before the days of the Internet.

The powersports industry’s reliance on atoms over bits and inventory over information must end if it’s to realize the full potential of seamless end-to-end integration and the increase in profits that this represents.

Middlemen that provide no value and suck out margin are an archaic throwback that most modern and progressive industries have long since gotten rid of. Next time you order a part into your dealership out of one of your distributor’s phone book sized catalogs, ask yourself how much more margin you’d have in that part if the distributor was not spending so much money to print and ship all of those catalogs. Or on those huge warehouses and the operations that support them. Ask yourself how much more margin you’d have in that part if there was an effective and efficient way to get it directly from the manufacturer.

Go ahead. Ask.

It’s a Radical idea.

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