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I like Motorcycle Industry Jobs

I’ve been a little slow on recommending that you check out Motorcycle Industry Jobs next time you’re either looking for work, or looking to hire someone.

I’ve been meaning to write about them, and actually was planning on doing a feature on them some day in my DN column (I don’t think that will be happening now :) ), but never got around to it. After e-mailing the owner a few times though I decided that I wanted to write up this little recommendation and add them to the partner link section over there on the right.

I really like the idea of this site and I hope more folks in this industry will utilize it.  I like the idea that there’s a dedicated, industry-specfic resource for shops to be able to tap into to find the best people for a position, not just someone who’s convienent, or happens to wander in and drop off a resume.

In this industry (especially at the retail level) a lot of what shops provide is pretty much undifferentiated commodity products and service. About the the only thing that a shop can really do to stand out above the crowd is to make sure that the people selling the products or providing the service are the best out there. And face it, often the best people are not the ones that are the easist to find.

And if you’re on the other side of the hiring equation, you need to get your resume into this system. Especially if you’re someone that thinks that you’ve got more to offer than what your current employer is willing to utilize or pay you for.

So go check out Motorcycle Industry Jobs next time you’re looking to make a hire or you’re looking for the next big thing in your career.


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