About Radical

Here’s our official mission:
Radical Powersports Sales and Marketing specializes in innovative multi-channel retail operations and internet-based marketing and advertising program development for the powersports industry.

Here’s what it means:
We help the powersports industry use the web to sell more stuff!

Radical Powersports Sales and Marketing was formed to meet the glaring need in the powersports industry to take advantage of the sales and marketing potential that the Internet has created.

We are more than 15 years into the Internet era, and at least 7 years into what could be called the modern Internet era, and most dealerships and powersports retailers still don’t recognize the importance of having a high-quality, functional, and productive website. This represents a significant lack of understanding for the need to change and an underestimation of the importance of doing so.

If retailers in the powersports industry do have a website and e-commerce, it’s typically a third-party, dropped-in, cookie-cutter e-commere platform with no real focus or attention from the dealership.

There’s typically no e-commerce or multi-channel retailing strategy let alone dedicated and trained professionals that know how to run an efficent and optimized organization. They are left wondering why they are not selling anything.

They put the website up, pay for a few ads online, and hope.

  • Hope that customers find them.
  • Hope that if customers do find them they find what they are shopping for.
  • Hope that if they manage to find what they are looking for that they buy it.
  • Hope that if the customer buys it that the planets align and the dealer is able to ship the right product to the right customer.
  • Hope that if the customer is not satisfied that they will be taken care of.
  • Hope that if the customer is unhappy and writes about it on a prominent on-line forum that no one will notice.

Hope is a good place to start, but hope is not a strategy.

That’s where Radical comes in.

Radical can transform that hope into a solid plan and follow it up with solid execution that will result in radical sales.

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